Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please Consider a Contribution

I hope that you have enjoyed this podcast series.

As I explain in the last podcast episode, I did not set out to create this series in order to make money. I have enjoyed what I have learned throughout the process of making the series as well as hearing from and communicating with some of you. At the same time, I have invested an enormous amount of uncompensated time into this series. So if you have found something of worth in these episodes - even fifty cents an episode - please consider a contribution, by clicking on the Paypal button in the left margin. Anything would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the podcast. I am not a particularly religious Jew, but I am an active member of my synagogue. I found the historical approach quite interesting. I was especially interested in how you often asked how ordinary Jews would have perceived the events around them, such as the rise of Herod, the Roman conquest and the destruction of the Temple.

I hope you proceed with a follow up podcast - about Jewish history after the destruction of the Temple and the rise of christianity.

Howard Mintz said...

I loved the series, particularly the episodes for which much educated speculation was needed. I look forward to any future podcasts in this manner, and will make a modest contribution.

Anonymous said...

love your podcast

a little too profesional...

enjoying every bit of it


Jorge said...

I really enjoyed your podcast. I made a small donation to the cause, and hope to hear more from you in the future.

The series was a great way to easily digest the facts and ideas about ancient Judaism.

if at anytime you wanna meet for 6th street, email me and I will gladly go for a pint.

Rick said...

I enjoyed your series very much. I also have listened to the lectures on the topic from The Teaching Company. Although both covered the same general time frame, I learned a lot from your approach. Thank you for the much time and effort that went into your preparation and delivery. I tried to make a $10 donation, which is minimal considering the quality of the content; however, PayPal and I hate each other, so I am not sure it worked. If not, I will try again later.

Hearing you note that Jubilees and 1 Enoch were written around the same time, I began to wonder if you could suggest a chronological order in which to read the books of the HB, apocrypha and pseudipigrapha. I know that it starts with a lot of assumptions, but I would welcome yours.