Monday, November 23, 2009

From Israelite to Jew: 20: The First Century

This episode focuses on the years 6 CE - 66 CE, and the events leading up to the Jewish revolt. This episode includes discussions of Roman administration and the Sanhedrin.

The episode can be heard here or on the player below. More download options are here. It can also be found on iTunes and iTunesU.


Seth said...

Really enjoying your podcast series--only discovered it recently. I would to suggest you add follow-up readings to your podcasts for those that wish to delve further into each topic, although probably not something as in-depth as you assign in your college courses. An example might be links to specific readings covered in Josephus (if these exist on the web).

Little Imp said...

Dear Professor Satlow,
After reading "Who Wrote the Bible?" by Richard Friedman I went looking for something to supplement my extremely meager knowledge of ancient Israelite history and found your lectures. I just wanted to thank you for making these available. As a busy professional with a family it is often difficult to indulge in learning for learning's sake, but listening to the lectures on my Ipod is perfect. Thanks again!