Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Israelite to Jew: 18: Jesus and Other Strange Jews

In the first century CE the area around Jerusalem teemed with small Jewish religious groups, or sects. This episode focuses on three of the most well-known of these groups: Pharisees, Sadducees, and the early followers of Jesus.

The episode is available here, or in the player below. Other download options are here. It is also available on iTunes (and now on iTunesU).


Yetta said...

Michael, I love your podcasts. I've made CDs of them all and have been listening to them in order. This one is particularly good. But as I'm not tied in academically, I've not been responding. That is, until I listened tonight to the Philo one, and your comments about being alone. So I thought I'd get out of anonymity and tell you I love your stuff. Keep it coin', please.

Carol-Lynn in Maine

Teri said...

Michael, I have really loved your podcasts. Unfortunately, I'm not tied in academically either, nor am I Jewish.
I just wanted to hear Judaic studies from someone who is Jewish instead of all those who speak with "authority" on a subject they can't possible know as intimately as yourself.

Thank you...and you don't have to think you are alone like Philo.

Keep going with these...they are excellent.

Teri in VA

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks for putting out these really interesting podcasts. I always look forward to new ones coming out.
Shortly after listening to the episode about the Dead Sea Scrolls, i had the opportunity to go and see some of them at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto near where i live. I'm glad i had listened to your podcast, as it helped me to understand more about what i was seeing. Thanks a lot.
Ian Edgar in Sparta, Ontario

Michael Satlow said...

Thank you all for your feedback!

I went to the Dead Sea exhibit at the ROM back in August and really enjoyed it. I think that it gives a nicely balanced presentation, and I for one am always thrilled to be in the presence of the scrolls. But then again, I guess that is why I went into the line of work I did.

Teófilo de Jesús said...

Greetings, sir:

Excellent podcast and very informative.

I'm going to take the liberty to suggest to you three books by Anglican Bishop NT Wright:

The New Testament and the People of God

Jesus and the Victory of God

The Resurrection of the Son of God

I'm convinced that NT Wright's historical investigation and scholarly rigor will impact your statements about what we can now of the historical Jesus, his consciousness, the reliability of the Gospels, and the expectations of his followers.

Again, thank you kindly for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.